2017 Resolutions

I’m a couple days late posting this. I originally had a post completed sharing my resolutions for personal, physical, and work related areas of life. One resolution I vowed to make was to “workout more” or “get pre-baby (if not earlier) body back”. Another resolution I explained was to “find an organization to volunteer at and give back to my community more”. I also had down to “better maintain my house and stay on top of laundry”. Basically all of my resolutions revolved around the theme “BE BETTER” at what I do day to day.  Be a better version of what I already am; a better mother, a better wife, a better Real Estate agent and a better friend. I had my goals and I was ready to put them to the world so I could be held accountable and stick to them.

I wrote the entire blog on December 30th and I was proud of myself for getting it done in the hustle and bustle of the holiday. The next morning, before December faded away, I was going to hit “publish” and then look forward to January 1st and making all my resolutions count.

Then sometimes when you least expect it (and usually when you need it the most), life has a way of smacking you in the face.

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Beat those Monday Blues

Somewhere around 3pm on Friday, the majority of us have this mood lifting feeling of excitement… it’s almost the WEEKEND! When I was a regular 9-5er, the last 2 hours of the day of Friday were basically useless to my employer. I was so ready for the weekend (burnt out is more of the word I would use) that I spent that time dreaming of my weekend plans, watching funny YouTube videos with coworkers, or blaring music and chatting with others if the boss was gone. Which was always… because it was Friday! They wanted to be there probably even less than we did.

Regardless, it was Friday and I didn’t care! 4:59pm and I was in my car peeling out of the parking lot. I had plans. I had every minute of my 2 full days scheduled, with appropriate travel time between events, full appetizers and meals already baking in my head and if I was lucky, all of my outfits meticulously planned out for each function. JOY was the only feeling I had during my commute home.

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Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup

Typically in our household I am the one who takes care of our meals. I like to. I enjoy cooking, I’m good at it, and other than bbq-ing I usually don’t shy away from anything. (Why would I bbq when I have the grill master to take care of that! Except this one time we did a cedar plank salmon that spontaneously combusted within 2 min on the grill… that story is for another day)

Ok that’s a total lie. I don’t like everything… I’m not really a huge fan of left overs. Unless it is a hot turkey sandwich after Christmas or Thanksgiving.. . I’ll pass.

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Winter Curb Appeal

Green grass, perfectly manicured garden, gorgeous patio set on your new deck,  warm summer breeze coming in through the windows… all things that play with the emotions of a potential buyer when you are looking to sell your home. Why not throw some fresh baked cookies into the oven just before they arrive so the smell wafts down the driveway as they pull in?  Selling your home is as much an emotional decision as it is a business transaction. You want that potential buyer to feel as though they could live in that house and really picture their life there. In 3 of the 4 seasons, this type of home staging is a little easier.

Than BAAM! Winter smacks us in the face. Windows are shut, grass can’t be seen for the mounds of snow, patio sets put away and sometimes it’s even hard to realize a deck is under that huge blanket of white stuff.  We live in Canada, and chances are the person buying your home does too and understands how fickle our winters can be. But that doesn’t mean you can speak to each buyer on an emotional level just like the rest of the year. Winter curb appeal is just as important as in the other 3 seasons… if not more important!  As a seller, your job is to make your home look inviting, cozy and as safe as possible for people to come visit. Here are a few ideas on how to boost your winter curb appeal and make sure you are giving your home its best chance to shine:

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Cozy Bedroom – Shop this look

Looking through bedroom designs makes me incredibly sleepy… so before I doze off, I want to share this bedroom which I would probably never leave. From the over-sized headboard to the knit throw, I can totally see myself hiding under these blankets all day.

Want the look? I did some sale shopping to recreate this look and you can find all the links here for up to 70% off!

Sweet dreams!

Pillows – Bay Days is here! Shop discounted pillows in all shapes and sizes

Knit Throw – Hudson Bay is one of my favorite places for linens and bedding. Shop Bay Days while it lasts!

Over-sized Headboard – Since my little Emmett was born, getting out and about isn’t always as easy!  That’s why I love shopping Wayfair from the comfort of home!

Side table lamps – These sleek and simple bamboo side table lamps from Pottery Barn are so versatile for any room

Duvet – This duvet is from The Bay is hypoallergenic … and also almost 50% off!


Coffee Mug Designs

After posting a picture today of my owl mug (above) I use almost daily for tea in the morning, I had a lot of people comment and PM me about details!  This really couldn’t be an easier little project to do! All you need is a mug, some sharpies, an oven, and a bottle of wine!  Nothing else to it.

I have made a few of these over the past couple years, and I find that the cheaper mugs, usually from the Dollar Tree work the best! The reason for this is that they usually don’t have a huge glaze on the mug, and if they do… it’s usually not that great! This allows the Sharpie to really absorb into the mug.

Unfortunately I didn’t take very great pictures of my designs before the wear and tear, but I have added some favorites that I used as inspiration!

Photo: Miss Poppy Design

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Book Report: What I learned from “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”

There has never been a more accurate title for a book… ever. If you haven’t read this book yet then you most certainly may have heard of it. It’s been on the Best Sellers list forever, and for good reason. How could a book on tidying up be a Best Seller you ask? Because of the life-changing part. This small but mighty read will not only change the space you live in, but it will change the WAY you live in it.


Here is what you can expect to learn from this work of art by Marie Kondo – in a snapshot:

1. Pick one category in your home at a time: Kondo really leads you on this journey step by step. She suggests starting with clothing and finishing with emotional and sentimental items. Kinda of easing you into this life changing lifestyle. Thanks Marie, I needed the baby steps.
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