Book Report: What I learned from “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”

There has never been a more accurate title for a book… ever. If you haven’t read this book yet then you most certainly may have heard of it. It’s been on the Best Sellers list forever, and for good reason. How could a book on tidying up be a Best Seller you ask? Because of the life-changing part. This small but mighty read will not only change the space you live in, but it will change the WAY you live in it.


Here is what you can expect to learn from this work of art by Marie Kondo – in a snapshot:

1. Pick one category in your home at a time: Kondo really leads you on this journey step by step. She suggests starting with clothing and finishing with emotional and sentimental items. Kinda of easing you into this life changing lifestyle. Thanks Marie, I needed the baby steps.
2. Complete each category before you move on: Kondo instructs that in order to move to the next category, the first one must be completed in its entirety! That means, you have to do your closet AND your dresser… and not come back to anything later.

3. Only hang on to items that truly bring you joy: This is the game changer; so you spent $50 on a sweater and have never worn it… toss it (or donate it). Either way, if it doesn’t bring you joy, and clearly it doesn’t if you have never worn it, get rid of it! The joy that item brought you was the rush or the high you got when spending the money to purchase it. That joy has gone. And so should the item. Seems simple? Look through your closet and ask yourself “does this make me happy and bring me joy?” Yes or no. And ladies, this also means those jeans you wore in high school that are your “goal” jeans you want to fit into again.  If anything, that item doesn’t bring you joy, it probably brings a bit of sadness … GET RID OF THEM!

4. Everything has a home: This turns what Kondo writes from a cleaning chore, to a lifestyle habit. Like any “good” habit, it usually takes a bit to master. But once you do, it will solidify everything Kondo teaches. Rather than walk in the house and throw your coat on the back of a chair or railing, take the 32 seconds and put it back in its proper home; in the closet or on a hook. No more panic rush to stuff things in the closet when a friend pops by for a visit.
(**Note: It is essential to de-clutter and purge in order to properly allocate each items proper home)

5. Be grateful for your things: Now, Kondo goes as far as saying you should thank your items for being in your life. If my husband ever sees me thanking my shoes for letting me stomp around in them, he will surely think I’ve gone mad… but I love the idea of this. So many of us are always looking for more. Kondo says we should take the extra time to be grateful for the items we do have, treat them well and with respect, take care of them and make space for them. It is such a positive message to live by every day. It’s amazing how this simple mind shift about our material items, actually transfers into the rest of our life as well. Thanks Kondo

This, in a nutshell, are the basics of what this powerful little read has to offer. I highly suggest reading it, and then reading it again. Share it with your loved ones, let clients borrow it.

Have your read this book yet? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy tidying!
Don’t have your copy yet? You can get it here:

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