Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup

Typically in our household I am the one who takes care of our meals. I like to. I enjoy cooking, I’m good at it, and other than bbq-ing I usually don’t shy away from anything. (Why would I bbq when I have the grill master to take care of that! Except this one time we did a cedar plank salmon that spontaneously combusted within 2 min on the grill… that story is for another day)

Ok that’s a total lie. I don’t like everything… I’m not really a huge fan of left overs. Unless it is a hot turkey sandwich after Christmas or Thanksgiving.. . I’ll pass.

Lately though, my wonderful husband has meandered into my spot in the kitchen, taking over with some fantastic dinner ideas. Last night was no exception. Not only did he surprise me by calling ahead to pay for my manicure that morning, I came home to my crock pot stuffed with a beautiful rib roast from his parent’s farm.

(** Disclaimer – Marrying into a beef farming family sure has its perks and I highly recommend it… unless you are Vegan… then I would highly suggest you don’t.)
—  This blog brought to you by Kenli Herefords, Selkirk ON.

Ok but seriously. I was so impressed with JBD and his culinary surprises this week. So all said and done, we had a gigantic bowl of perfectly cooked potatoes and carrots left over from the roast I just couldn’t let it go to waste.

On a rainy and cold day I was more than excited to break out my DENBY Dutch Oven and make this hearty Loaded Potato & Bacon soup. It was so quick and easy and I can’t believe it was left overs!  I even surprised myself.

Photo: Chungah Rhee

Pre cook the bacon and set aside. I hope no one needs directions for that.

I started by melting 5 tbsp butter in the Dutch Oven over medium heat.  If you are thinking 5 tbsp seems like a lot of butter, you are right. This recipe isn’t called “low fat” for a reason. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Next I added the flour to the butter and stirred it until it turned a little brown. I slowly added the milk to the flour mixture and stirred it like crazy to keep smooth. Cook this milk mixture until it starts to thicken. It took about 5 minutes for me to notice it thicken.


Now since my potatoes were already previously cooked, it shaved off a lot of time here when I added them to the milk mixture. If your potatoes aren’t left overs, it will take 15-20 minutes to cook them up. Once I added them to my Dutch Oven it only took about 10 minutes to get a good consistency once it boiled. ADD BACON. If there is any left after snacking on it the whole time like I did.

You can thank me later.

– 4 slices of bacon (It won’t taste bad if you use 6. I promise)
– 5 tbsp butter
– ¼ cup flour
– 3 ½ cups milk. Use more if needed
– 3 Potatoes. (Approx 2 ½ cups left over diced potatoes)
– 2 green onion
– Shredded cheese
– Sour Cream
– Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Cook bacon and set aside

  2. Melt butter in a large soup pan or Dutch oven over medium heat. Gradually whisk in flour. Cook about 1-2 minutes. Slowly add milk and cook, whisking constantly, 4-5 minutes until mixture thickens slightly.

  3. Add potatoes and green onion

  4. Bring mixture to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are soft. Cut up bacon into small pieces and add to mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste and continue to cook on low until desired consistency adding more milk if soup is too thick.

  5. Top which cheddar cheese, sour cream and serve.


You can find this amazing Denby Cast Iron cookware at The Bay by clicking HERE

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