Beat those Monday Blues

Somewhere around 3pm on Friday, the majority of us have this mood lifting feeling of excitement… it’s almost the WEEKEND! When I was a regular 9-5er, the last 2 hours of the day of Friday were basically useless to my employer. I was so ready for the weekend (burnt out is more of the word I would use) that I spent that time dreaming of my weekend plans, watching funny YouTube videos with coworkers, or blaring music and chatting with others if the boss was gone. Which was always… because it was Friday! They wanted to be there probably even less than we did.

Regardless, it was Friday and I didn’t care! 4:59pm and I was in my car peeling out of the parking lot. I had plans. I had every minute of my 2 full days scheduled, with appropriate travel time between events, full appetizers and meals already baking in my head and if I was lucky, all of my outfits meticulously planned out for each function. JOY was the only feeling I had during my commute home.

As the weekend progressed, my mood slowly, but without fail, began to darken. The gloomy dread of Monday morning always crept up. Come Sunday afternoon, whether I was enjoying time with family or relaxing watching football with JDB, it would hit me. Almost like a panic. Monday was coming whether I liked it or not. Fast forward through a sleepless, anxious night, the relentless alarm clock buzzing after its third time hitting snooze, and finding the willpower to not add Baileys to my tea just so I can face what the day brings. Monday was here in all its nasty glory. I could almost hear it cackle as I pulled into the office.

One Monday morning after arriving to the office to find out that all hell broke loose over the weekend with a major customer. I spent 4 hours putting out fires, skipping my lunch because I had no time to dart out to get something, and trying not to punch people that got in my way. I was so stressed out that at the end of the day, I drove home, probably got mad at JDB for something ridiculous, had a million loads of laundry to do and had ZERO idea what I was going to eat for dinner. I remember going to bed thinking 2 things: 1) I HATE MONDAYS and 2) Something had to change.

I decided to focus on what made my WEEKEND so amazing! There had to be a way to transfer that way of thinking to Monday. It came down to habits and routine. Two categories I don’t normally fall into. Since I changed my way of thinking… my attitude and outlook changed drastically as well. I made a few simple changes to the way I handled my Sunday that really impacted my entire week.

So if you find yourself battling the case of the Mondays just like I was, try adopting these 4 easy habits to your Sunday routine and hopefully your blues will melt away too!

  1. Plan your meals


By doing weekly dinner plans I not only avoided the endless “what do you want for dinner” battle, but I also was able to plan healthier meals and save lots of time and energy throughout the week. It made me use my crock pot… a lot! And I actually had a lot less wasted food.   You can plan your lunches too if you take them with you every day. Pre-cooking and portioning weekly salads and fruits/veggies will keep you out of the drive through and donut line!

  1. Clean your room


Decluttering and organization is therapeutic in itself so it’s no wonder we sleep better if we spent some time putting things in their proper space and not on the floor. Clutter can also undermine productivity. Wake up feeling productive and you will be productive.
(For a great reference tool that will absolutely change your life, check out a previous blog post about an amazing book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up”)

  1. Self-reflect/set goals


I have been an off and on journal writer my whole life. I find it soothing. I write down my highs and my lows of each day. I use it as a private space to really work through life situations that come up and for goal setting. Each night I try and visualize these goals as I fall asleep. A nice reminder of why I am doing what I am doing. Writing down short term goals for each week on Sunday helps you focus your energy on what matters when you wake up on Monday and put aside any drama or added stress. Set your sights on positive rather than negative

(Check out these adorable and functional Kate Spade journal/day planners from Chapters/Indigo)

  1. Fill your planner


One of my main reasons that I would be so excited for an upcoming weekend was that I would usually have the entire weekend planned by Wednesday…. The week before. So why not do this with your week too?  Plan to visit a friend after work, or a fun new dinner idea with the family. Fill your week with fun little items to look forward to each day! Especially on Monday!  One of my favorite things about Monday was the Zumba class I started going to!  Nothing beats the Monday blues like dancing the night away with your girlfriends! *It’s actually time I get back to it!

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