Coffee Mug Designs

After posting a picture today of my owl mug (above) I use almost daily for tea in the morning, I had a lot of people comment and PM me about details!  This really couldn’t be an easier little project to do! All you need is a mug, some sharpies, an oven, and a bottle of wine!  Nothing else to it.

I have made a few of these over the past couple years, and I find that the cheaper mugs, usually from the Dollar Tree work the best! The reason for this is that they usually don’t have a huge glaze on the mug, and if they do… it’s usually not that great! This allows the Sharpie to really absorb into the mug.

Unfortunately I didn’t take very great pictures of my designs before the wear and tear, but I have added some favorites that I used as inspiration!

Photo: Miss Poppy Design

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