Georgia On My Mind

I’m no Ray Charles… but this home sure keeps Georgia on my mind! I spent some time living and working in Hilton Head with some girlfriends after graduation. I can honestly say that our visits to Savannah and traveling through the South was probably the kick start to my obsession for romantic and charming architect and home design. It was there I saw some of the most beautiful and captivating homes driving through a variety of small towns that looked and felt as inviting as its residents actually were.  My first experience of “Southern Charm” did not disappoint. I fell in love with the people, the culture and the lifestyle.

So when I found this article online from Home Bunch (click to see the entire farm house renovation) highlighting the amazing work that Historical Concepts did to restore this 19th century farm house I just had to share! Have a look at the images below but don’t forget to check out both Home Bunch and Historical Concepts to see more unbelievable architect and design.

Georgia, Georgia,
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind


Designed by Historical Concepts, this former Southern Living Idea House, located in the small town of Senoia, Georgia was the magazine’s first ever historic renovation project.



This swing is from “Original Charleston Bedswing”.



Exterior Paint Color Ideas: Siding and Trim Paint Color “Sherwin-Williams SW6994 Natural Choice”.
The shutters are painted in “Greenblack (SW6994) by Sherwin Williams”.




The central hallway runs straight from the front door to the back, letting natural light and traffic flow easily.
Burlap draperies (Ballard Essentials Panel in Burlap from Ballard Designs) are brought to add a casual feel to the space.
Light Fixture: Short School House Flush Mount from Circa Lighting.



The walls are original to the home (1910). Art is by Justin Gaffrey.
Ceiling, wall and trim Paint Color: “Pearly White (SW7009) by Sherwin-Williams


It’s time to eat!

At our 4 month check-up, our Dr. told us that our little monster was ready to begin some solid food. He was/is growing like crazy (97th percentile for height) and although I was still breastfeeding OK, he was showing the ready signs to begin solids. This next big step was ultimately to help take a bit of pressure off of me too as he was still eating so frequently.

I was hesitant. It took JDB and I about 2 weeks more to wrap our head around jumping into the world of solids. So of course, I took that time to read, read, read!  I asked every mama I knew about their transition to solids. I spent hours reading forums and online blogs like this of the dos and don’ts, which foods first, what to avoid etc. I read anything and everything I could find because well… I’ve never done this before!  I don’t like being unprepared for anything in life! And feeding my little angel is no exception.

After about 2 weeks of delaying the inevitable and being super nervous first time parents… Emmett got to experience the wondrous world of solids!  And never looked back.

Since then it’s been a lot of fun watching him experience new foods for the first time! Thankfully he isn’t too picky and will inhale just about anything we give him!

Part of my research was on Baby Led Weaning  vs  Purees. I won’t go into detail… you can read more through those two links. However, we landed somewhere in the middle.

I also decided that I was going to make his food myself. This way I will know exactly what he is eating, with no fillers, and since I love cooking it only made sense.

Here is a list of the foods we have ventured into so far:

  • Squash
  • Sweet Potato
  • Spinach
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Plums
  • Kale
  • Hummus
  • Blueberry

It actually takes less time than I thought to prep. Basically everything is peeled and boiled (with the exception of the banana and hummus) then mashed or thrown into a food processor quickly if I’m short on time.  I steam the kale and spinach then do the same. From there I pop the mashed food into ice cube trays and let freeze. Pop the cubes into zip lock bags and voila! Easy, ready to serve portions that thaw quickly and can be added together for combo foods too.

Do you have a recipe that your little ones love?  I would love to hear your experience too in the comments below!

Happy eating!

Magnificent 7

My current project at home (well let’s be serious, my MAIN project at home right now) with JDB is to design our new kitchen island. When we moved into our home just over 2 years ago, this was going to be my first item to knock off the list! However, like most households, we let 10,000 other items on the to-do list creep up! I am so excited to finally be focusing on our kitchen and share progress with you all along the way!

For now, countertop is the main decision… and it sure isn’t easy with so many amazing options to choose from!

Check out these luxurious new countertops from Cambria! Meet the Magnificent 7 with Cambria®DragonVision that lets you compare their seven newest designs.

Visit Cambria USA to get started today!

CARRICK by Cambria
HADLEY by Cambria
HARLECH by Cambria
HELMSLEY by Cambria
WEYBOURNE by Cambria

First Impressions

Doors. They are everywhere, and I can’t seem to get enough. I’ve always been drawn to them, even as a child. Maybe it’s the mystery of what might be behind it; the secrets and the intrigue. Or perhaps it was only the start of my love for unique and amazing architecture. In my mind, a door is the true “first impression” of any building; setting the tone for all kinds of adventure laying just behind its thin wall.

Maybe it’s the dreamer in me… but here are a few doors I’ve added to my bucket list!

The Church of St. Mary and St. Finnan at Glenfinnan, Scotland

6 Rue du Lac, Brussels

The 11th century south door of Kilpeck Church, Herefordshire UK

Here we go!

Christmas morning, the first day of school, the smell of a new book or the belly laugh of a baby…

Wrap them all together and that starts to explain how excited I am to share with you this unreal journey I am so lucky to be experiencing. In this small space I hope to share with you the world from my vantage point. I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, sister and friend. Learning to be better at them all as I go.

Professionally I am a licensed Realtor with a passion for home decor, an immense appreciation for stunning architecture, and lover of a true bargain!

This is my life. Unfiltered and REAL

Thank you for taking this journey with me… ready…set…go!